Serra da Fragas

Cheese and Mushroom Croutons

Tostinhas de Queijo e Cogumelos


Mature goat's cheese

200g round croutons

100g of fresh mushrooms

100g of cherry tomatoes

Bacon cubes to taste

Black olives to taste

1 stalk of celery


Sauté the previously chopped fresh mushrooms in a skillet with olive oil. Set aside.

Sauté the bacon in small cubes. Set aside. Sauté the cherry tomatoes cut into quarters, the small julienned celery and the pitted and thinly sliced black olives. Add the bacon and mushrooms again and finally the cheese, letting it melt into the mix.

Put a little of the preparation on each crouton and arrange on a plate.


Courtesy of Chef Nuno Inverneiro


Cheese and Mushroom Croutons