Serra da Fragas



Located from the start on the slopes of Serra do Pendão, Serra das Fragas jealously guards the ancient secret of cheese making that is still used daily by the company's experienced cheese makers.

In a timeless tradition that is still pure and strictly observed, the milk, to which only rennet and salt is added, is treated by the expert hands of those who have inherited the know-how to do it well from previous generations, transforming it into a unique cheese that, despite its simplicity, rivals the finest delicacies.




Thus, the Serra das Fragas brand is born, recognized by all those who appreciate cheese in all its complexity and fullness of aromas and flavour. Every Serra das Fragas cheese is, in itself, a unique product, lovingly sculpted by expert hands that diligently shape it and press it, wash it and turn it, in a ritual of tradition from yesteryear carried forward to today.


Serra das Fragas


Using the most modern equipment available to guarantee the highest standards of food hygiene and safety, we manufacture cheeses of proven quality with regard to traditional manufacturing processes and recipes.

However, the desire to continue production in strict respect for traditional recipes based on the careful selection of raw materials, without additives or preservatives, will always be there. 


Casa do Pendão

The growth and development of the company has led to new products being created and marketed.

For the first time in the company's history, we have diversified the origin of the raw material, using another type of milk other than the usual goat's milk: cow's milk.

Once again sourcing from producers from neighbouring areas, who, in this case are devoted to the production of dairy cows, as always very strict criteria are followed in the selection process. The result is the creation of a mixed cow and goat's cheese from wholesome milk, without any additives or artificial preservatives.


casa do Pendão 

A pure product has thus been obtained, which is very authentic and characterised by its velvety texture and intense flavour.

Casa do Pendão is the name of this new range of products, which pays tribute to the wild hills where they are traditionally produced, faithful to the legacy of our ancestors. 



New markets 

Restructuring has increased production conditions, which respect the latest food safety standards and have led to a modern brand image which is likely to lead to the opening up of new markets.




New administration

Recently, in June 2010, a new administration took over the management of the company. The whole company has been revitalised thanks to heavy financial investment.


Fábrica Serra das Fragas


Foundation of the Company

The Serra das Fragas company was started in 1993 on the initiative of four goat producers, to make what was being produced domestically in the homes of the region's breeders in a more professional way. And so the company was born through which the little cheeses from Vila Nova, recognized for their quality, could have a wider regional impact.